Hello World

Building a hello world document in Microsoft Word

Quick start

We need to activate the developer option, for that we have to click File, in the top left.

2019-09-29 20_08_53-Window.png

And click on options, bottom left:

2019-09-29 20_10_01-Window.png

Let's go to the Customize Ribbon section and select the Developer tab.

2019-09-29 20_10_58-Window.png

When editing any document, we'll see a Developer tab on the Ribbon options, on the top

2019-09-29 20_11_44-Window.png

The only section of the Developer tab that we are going to use will be the Controls.

2019-09-29 20_12_37-Window.png

Before we start with our document, let's click the Design Mode button in the Controls section of the Developer tab.

Open an empty document and write: "My name is David" ( or whatever name you want )

2019-09-29 20_14_03-Window.png

Next, we will select the text David, and we will select within the tab Developer, in the section Controls, the first icon:

2019-09-29 20_15_07-Window.png

Then select properties:

2019-09-29 20_16_26-Window.png

There will be a modal, in which you will be asked for the name of the property:

2019-09-29 20_17_07-Window.png

You will get the text David text with a wrapper that describes the name of the property.

2019-09-29 20_17_44-Window.png

Without leaving the document, we can install the Docxmerge Add-In in the Microsoft store:

2019-09-29 20_18_44-Window.png

Once installed, it will appear in the Home tab, to the right of the whole with a D logo:

2019-09-29 20_19_30-Window.png

If we click, the login screen will appear. We can authenticate, both with user/password, as with Google:

2019-09-29 20_21_09-Window.png

Once we authenticate we can see the list of templates, and we click on Create new template

2019-09-29 20_21_46-Window.png

A modal will appear with a form

2019-09-29 20_22_38-Window.png

We will ask for the Name, and instead of selecting the Word file, we can give the button to Upload current document :

2019-09-29 20_23_26-Window.png

Once we create the document, we have the details of the template, and a testing system:

2019-09-29 20_23_56-Window.png

In this interface there are the following options:

  • If we want to upload changes to the current Word document, we just have to click on the Upload current document button.
  • We can change the JSON and give it to render (since the add-in uses Internet Explorer, these downloads will come out in the downloads of this one)

We have a list of actions on the top right:

2019-09-29 20_24_27-Window.png

  • Consolidate, will allow you to keep a history of template versions
  • Url, allows an external user to modify the document without having to sign up.
  • Load, allows you to open the content of that template in a new Word.
  • Add Control, is an alternative to the Add contents of the word, ignore for now.
  • Delete, you will be asked for confirmation to delete the template.

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