Add an image

How to add an image to a Microsoft Word document.

For this tutorial is recommended to have followed the Getting started tutorial

We're gonna start with an empty document and the Docxmerge Add-in opened.

2019-10-01 21_03_56-Window.png

Now we are going to go to the Developer tab and click the third icon in the Controls section:

2019-10-01 21_06_16-Window.png

We will see an empty picture in the position where we had the pointer.

We can give it a name, clicking in properties (Controls section), and typing the name on the Title, for example, company_image:

2019-10-01 21_12_54-Window.png

Now we can upload the template with the help of the Add-in.

2019-10-01 21_10_56-Window.png

When we create the template, we have an example of the JSON which we can use to test the document:

2019-10-01 21_13_46-Window.png

If we click Print, we can see the pdf:

2019-10-01 21_15_12-Window.png

2019-10-01 21_15_44-Window.png