Add a text field

How to add a Rich Text Content Control

For this tutorial is recommended to have followed the Getting started tutorial.

We're gonna start with an empty document and the Docxmerge Add-in opened.

2019-10-01 21_03_56-Window.png

We're going to write down "My name is David".

2019-10-01 22_03_41-Window.png

Let's select David and click the first icon in the Controls section.

2019-10-01 22_04_14-Window.png

Then click Properties, on the Controls section, and write down name in the Title.

2019-10-01 22_05_13-Window.png

We can turn on Design Mode, to view the field names.

2019-10-01 22_06_22-Window.png

We can then create the template in the Add-In.

2019-10-01 22_07_26-Window.png

We will get a JSON example with the text we wrote, David:

2019-10-01 22_08_02-Window.png

We can change the name to another, for example, Jesus, and click Print.

This is the result PDF:

2019-10-01 22_09_26-Window.png

To integrate the template in your application, you can check the Api Integration document.