How to add a table

How to add a table to a Microsoft Word document

For this tutorial is recommended to have followed the Getting started tutorial

We're gonna start with an empty document and the Docxmerge Add-in opened.

2019-10-01 21_03_56-Window.png

We are going to create a simple table with 3 columns and two rows

The headers will be:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Age

2019-10-01 21_21_41-Window.png

And we're going to fill the details for the first row:

2019-10-01 21_22_31-Window.png

Now, we have to declare the Content Control for each column of the table.

You can see how to add a Rich Text Control here.

We can turn on the design mode to see the fields:

Here is the result:

2019-10-01 21_25_50-Window.png

We´re going to select the whole row, you can this by clicking and add a Repeating Section Content Control.


You can see the following GIF: Repeating Text Control GIF

Having done the table, the only thing missing is creating a new template and testing it.

2019-10-01 21_46_39-Window.png

We will get a JSON example with 2 elements:

2019-10-01 21_47_40-Window.png

When we click Print, we will get a pdf like this:

2019-10-01 21_48_31-Window.png

To integrate the template in your application, you can check the Api Integration document.